#AxeDrax protests outside Drax AGM, Drax Power Station and in Sheffield

A colourful and musical protest was held outside Drax Plc’s AGM on 17th April 2019. Simultaneous banner protests took place outside Drax power station in Yorkshire and in Sheffield.

Campaigners denounced Drax for burning more wood than the UK produces every year, for burning coal from Russia, the USA and opencast mines in the UK, and for planning to build the UK’s largest gas power capacity ever.

London protesters went on to the Government department responsible for Drax receiving £2.2 million in renewable energy subsidies every single day – even though its biomass burning accelerates climate change and contributes to the destruction of biodiverse forests in the southern USA, Canada and the Baltic States.

Please see biofuelwatch.org.uk/axedrax-campaign/ to learn more about Drax and the campaign to shut this company down but stopping its subsidies.

Thanks to everybody who came along from Reclaim The Power , UKYCC, Extinction Rebellion, London Mining Network, Treesponsibility, Doncaster Green Party, York Green Party, University of Sheffield Clean Energy Switch, and to Rupert  Read and Caroline Russell from the Green Party. Special thanks to the samba band Pumpkin Jigsaw for coming along to play at the protest. Apologies if we’ve missed out any groups represented!

Click here to see more photos from the protests.

Banner protest by students from University of Sheffield Clean Energy Switch

Banner protest outside Drax power station