Here you will find previous and up and coming webinars hosted by Biofuelwatch and our partners.

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Resisting our Destruction- Forests, Bioenergy and Monoculture Tree

Forest communities worldwide are on the frontlines of protecting and conserving our forests, struggling against the impacts of monoculture tree plantations, bioenergy, REDD+ and other false solutions, industrial livestock and agri-business, extractive and tourism industry, aviation and infrastructure on climate change – while ensuring their livelihood and autonomy. This session will hear about these struggles directly from frontline activists and explore a gender responsive and rights based campaign strategy to achieve climate justice.

BlackRock and Biomass

Biofuelwatch, FoE US and Dogwood Alliance hosted a webinar on 29th April 2020. This was an opportunity to make links between biomass and fossil fuel divestment campaigns and that learn a bit more about how to pressure big investors to move away from dirty energy and forest destruction.


In a two-part webinar series took place on 23rd and 28th September 2020 providing an overview of false climate solutions promoted under the banner of net-zero emissions. Watch the recorded webinar below:

The Perfect Storm: Forests, Climate and Environmental Justice

Our partner Dogwood Alliance webinar on the 6th October 2020 with an expert panel including Rev. Leo Woodburry (NADC), Danna Smith (Dogwood Aliiance, Dr. Bill Moomaw ( Professor and IPCC Scientist) and Katherine Egland ( NAACP)

Biomass power subsidies: preventing a just transition

Our webinar which took place on 14th October 2020. Learn more about the role industrial biomass plays in preventing a transition to cleaner energy, the vast subsidies that keep the industry afloat and how we can redirect them to cleaner energy.