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Please help us to call on the government to take urgent climate action by transferring renewable energy subsidies from dirty, high-carbon biomass burning to cleaner, low-carbon renewables. These subsidies, granted under the Renewable Obligation, are supposed to support renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions. Sadly, around £1.1 billion of those subsidies a year support power stations that burn millions of tonnes of wood every year to make electricity.

Burning wood in power stations makes climate change worse, harms forestsand biodiversity, pollutes communities and wastes money on a false solutionto our energy needs. While energy companies cash in on huge subsidies for high-carbon, polluting biomass energy, subsidies for new onshore wind and solar power have been scrapped and funds for home insulation have been slashed.

One ray of hope is that the current government has effectively ruled out future subsidy for large-scale biomass. We now need the new government to apply this logic to existing subsidies for burning wood and redirect these renewable subsidies from tree burning to genuinely low-carbon, cleaner renewables. See this factsheet for more information on why we need to redirect these subsidies and how it could happen. (Updated pdf version coming soon.)


We are asking environmental and public health organisations, community groups and Trade Unions to support our Open Letter calling on the Government to redirect renewable subsidies from biomass burning to genuinely renewable energy. Individuals can support the campaign by asking your MP to call on the Secretary of State to redirect the subsidies. Go to the Cut Carbon Not Forests website and click on “email your MP”.

1. If you would like your local environmental or community group, your public health organisation or your trade union to sign the open letter, please contact us by email and we can provide you with further information.

2.If you are from a environmental and public health organisation, community group or Trade Union and you are authorised to sign on their behalf, please complete the below form. Local, national and international organisations are all welcome to sign.


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