Getting to #AxeDrax

There are a variety of ways you can get to #AxeDrax :

By car or minibus

It’s easy to get to Drax by road and it would be really helpful if you’re driving to offer a lift to others. If you have a lift to offer or if you are interested in getting a lift, please fill in the form below and we’ll put you in touch with any ‘matches’. And if you are able and willing to drive a minibus, please let us know!  We are planning a minibus from London, and if there’s enough interest from other places then we can try and hire another minibus.

If you are interested in the London minibus please fill in the form for lift shares below and we will contact you to let you know if there’s a space on it.  Please make sure to scroll down and press ‘submit’ after completing the form

If there are enough liftshare requests from one area, we can organise additional minibuses. If so, we’ll contact the people who have filled in the form above.

By train

The nearest station to Drax is Selby.

There are direct trains to Selby from York (hourly, ~20 mins), Hull (twice-hourly, ~40 mins), Leeds (twice-hourly, ~30 mins), Doncaster (every 2 hrs, ~15 mins) and London (6 a day, ~2 hrs).

To plan your journey, go to National Rail Enquiries or

Transport between Selby and Drax

If you don’t mind a 15 minute walk, you can take the 401 which leaves every hour, get off at Cambleforth, Brigg Lane and walk 15 minutes to Drax (the timetable can be found here).

The number 8 bus goes directly from Selby to Drax Village and stops very close to the power station, i.e. to our protest (which will be near the South Gate).  However, it will get you there for 2pm, i.e. in time for the speakers, not for 1pm.  The best bus times are 13.35  from Selby and, to return, 16.25 from Drax Church.  See the full timetable here.

Please note that the number 401 bus to and from Cambleforth has significantly more seats than the number 8 bus between Selby and Drax.

Both buses leave from Selby Bus Station, which is just metres from the train station (map).

At least one minibus will be available to provide some shuttle transport between Selby and Drax, but the driver(s) want to spend as much time at the protest as possible, so people are encouraged to use other forms of transport if possible.

Safe travels, and see you soon!