Biofuelwatch briefing about Egnedol’s proposed Blackbridge Biomass Gasification plant in Milford Haven

The Blackbridge Biomass Gasification Proposal in Milford Haven: A high-risk, unproven technology for burning wood and waste

This is a fully updated briefing about Egnedol’s proposal to build a 49.9 MWe waste and biomass gasification plant at Blackbridge, Milford Haven.  Egnedol state that this is the first phase of a gasification plant development seven times as large, one which will ultimately require 3.4 million tonnes of waste and wood every year.

Egnedol proposes a range of associated downstream activities, including a biofuel plant which would turn some of the gas from the gasifier into fuels for transport, a fish and prawn farming, a cheese factory, greenhouses, as well as the farming of algae, some of which would be used to make biofuels in collaboration with Swansea University.  However, their two proposed biofuel plants depend on technologies which have never been used successfully at commercial scale anywhere in the world.  And no UK waste or biomass gasification power plant has ever been successfully operated, despite a significant attempts by other companies to do so.

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