Recording community opposition to big biomass projects

A new website has been created to allow concerned residents to record experiences of living next door to the UK’s biggest biomass power station.

markinch flyer front

In Markinch and Glenrothes in Scotland, the biggest biomass power station in the UK has recently reached completion. It is unknown what the impacts of this development will be on nearby communities over the long-term, with some members of the community already experiencing difficulties such as noise pollution.

While it is too late to prevent the plant from operating, it is not too late to make sure that the operator, RWE, is held accountable to the local community. Markinch Community Concerns was set up with support from Biofuelwatch for just this purpose. The aim being to make sure that RWE keep their promises and that SEPA continues to monitor the situation in the best interests of the people directly affected. Gathering a collective body of evidence will also allow members of the community to have a bigger impact on informing decision making in the future, rather than registering individual complaints.

The website encourages people experiencing impacts from the power station to share their stories and to register their complaint with SEPA. The site is supported by a facebook group.

You can visit the site here