Groups: Sign on to stop GE Trees in Brazil


Photo: Anne Petermann/ Global Justice Ecology Project

Photo: Anne Petermann/ Global Justice Ecology Project

Campaign to STOP GE Trees – Sign On to Support the call by Brazilian and Latin American groups to reject G.E. eucalyptus trees:

Brazilian pulp and paper company Suzano wants to commercially plant Genetically Modified eucalyptus in Brazil.  Suzano is responsible for large-scale landgrabbing and destruction of highly biodiverse forests, including in Maranhao.  Now, through their UK-registered subsidiary FutureGen, they want to be the first to commercialise GE trees in Brazil.  They claim that their GE eucalyptus will have higher yields and thus need less land – but in Brazil and elsewhere, higher yield tree plantations have always meant more profits for plantation companies and thus more, not less, land conversion.  Furthermore, high yields always mean more water use – in additon to the serious environmental risks of genetically engineering trees.

Plesae click here to read and sign the call on the Brazilian government to refuse Suzano permission for releasing their GE eucalyptus (organisations/groups only)!  See here for a background article by the World Rainforest Movement.

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