The UK Government is proposing to give huge new subsidies from our energy bills to fund forest destruction and climate-wrecking tree burning at power stations like Drax in Yorkshire and Lynemouth in Northumberland. Drax, which is the world’s biggest tree burner and the UK’s single largest CO2 emitter, already receives around £1.7 million per day in renewable subsidies from UK energy bills to burn trees, with devastating impacts on forests, wildlife, communities and the climate. The Government has now announced plans to use our energy bills to fund even more tree burning at Drax and Lynemouth when their current subsidies run out in 2027. 

Biofuelwatch was recently part of a joint investigation with Conservation North and Bulkley Valley Stewardship Coalition, which you can read here. The report highlighted how Drax’s pellet mills are sourcing logs from british columbia’s rarest old growth forests. The UK governments must end the renewable energy subsidies for burning wood pellets that make Drax’s business model, including its practices in BC, possible. For the sake of the planet, we have to stop these new subsidies. Together we can.

1. Write to your MP – You can use our email form below or click the button to be taken directly to the action. 

2.Call your MP- if you have already emailed your MP and not heard back you can call their office by finding their details here. Calling might get a faster response and you can alert them to the email if you did not get a response. 

3.Meet with your MP – Meeting with your MP face-to-face allows you to engage directly with them and makes your MP have to think about the issues you are raising. It is a very powerful way of influencing how your MP will act in Parliament.

The biofuelwatch team is here to help you in any way. If you have received a written response from your MP please forward it to us on, we can record this but also help you with writing a response. If you would like to call or meet with your MP we are happy to give you tips on main points to talk about. We have also pulled together a MP brief below which you can download here