Ask your MP to sign our pledge to take a stand against all subsidies for burning wood in power stations.

With Drax and Lynemouth lobbying for £billions in subsidies for BECCS, MPs have the power to stop the disastrous subsidy regime that props up these dirty tree burning polluters. In the UK, a lot of our campaigning focuses on targeting MPs to call on them to prevent any new subsidies going to biomass, with or without BECCS! Below are a range of ways you can take action targeting your MP, at home or in-person! 

We have listed a few ways of contacting your MP below, we really want to hear from you if your MP responds back so please email us at with the subject “MP response” to keep us updated.

Ask your MP to sign this pledge

We’ve just launched a new MP pledge, asking MPs to take a stand against all subsidies for burning wood in power stations! With Drax aggressively lobbying for £billions in new subsidies, it’s more vital than ever our politicians take a stand against this destructive industry! Click here to send an email to your MP, asking them to sign the pledge today! 

Meet your MP

One of the most effective ways to engage with your MP is to meet them. We’ve written a draft email for you to send to your MP asking them to meet with you. Please click here to go to that action!

If you missed our webinar in Oct 2023 on the impacts of Drax and Enviva in the US Southeast and in British Columbia in Canada, you can watch it below to help in explaining to your MP how the biomass industry is harming forests and communities.

We also have some resource we have created to help you influence your MP below:

Read our briefing on key points to take to your MP meeting 

Watch hour webinar here on How to Meet with Your MP to End Biomass Subsidies 

Call your MP

You can find your MP’s phone number on the parliament directory of MPs or on their website/social media. 

Draft script: 

Action taker: Hello can I speak to [your MPs name]?

Representative: (Likely to say no)

Action taker: Okay I understand

Action taker: Will you pass on my message? I’m urging [your MP] to prevent Drax from being given new subsidies for BECCS. Drax knows their technology doesn’t work, and they are using this as an excuse to keep receiving subsidies for burning trees. Green subsidies going to Drax need to be redirected to real climate action, like insulating homes. With record temperatures and devastating climate catastrophes around the world, it’s vital for the UK and other international policymakers to promote genuinely green and clear energy, rather than unproven technology which locks in polluting tree burning at scale. 

This is also where you can ask to meet with your MP or ask when their surgeries are or ask if they will sign our pledge.