Stop Burning Trees Social Media Action

Social Media action to call on Drax and Vattenfall to Stop Burning Trees – 27th April

27th of April is both the Drax AGM and an international Day of Action against Vattenfall’s burning and trading of wood for energy. In the UK, there will be street protests in London and in the north of England. Click here for information about all the different plans, and about Drax and Vattenfall.

We are asking people to take simple online actions aimed at Drax and at Vattenfall:


Please take a photo or a short video of yourself with a banner or sign saying: #StopBurningTrees or #Axe Drax. Having a tree, plant, flower or pet in the background would be great and there are some pictures below for inspiration. You can take part from anywhere in the world, and don’t worry if you’d prefer not to be in the picture. You’re also welcome to just take a photo of your #AxeDrax or #StopBurningTrees sign if  you’d rather not be in the picture. 

As Drax begins its Annual General Meeting, starting at 11am British Summer Time, please share your photo or video on your own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtags  #AxeDrax, #StopBurningTrees or #CutCarbonNotForests. Please click here for sample tweets about both Drax and Vattenfall.


If you are taking part in the protest outside the Argus Biomass Conference in London on the day 

Please tweet and share a photo of the protest on Facebook if you can, with one of the messages and hashtags suggested here.

If you are only taking part online

Please share a photo of yourself holding a placard with “#Vattenfail” on it (template to print here) and share this on social media. Please see here for suggested messages and hashtags.