Submission opposing a Sustainable Aviation Fuels Bill in California

Biofuelwatch submission to the Californian Senate Environmental Quality Committee opposing a Sustainable Aviation Fuels bill:

Our organization Biofuelwatch offers this position letter to the Senate Environmental Quality Committee for your consideration. Biofuelwatch is an international organization that works to increase public understanding and civic engagement on the land use implications of climate policy. We have a particular focus on the environmental harms and social inequities of large-scale industrial bioenergy projects, and we work extensively on addressing the negative ecological
and social outcomes specifically of the forest-based biomass industry. Our organization has also been a global leader in grassroots organizing for communicating community concerns regarding the climate risks and human rights harms embedded in the expansion of the production of liquid biofuels, including aviation biofuels.

This letter communicates our OPPOSE position on AB 1322. Our experience informs that this bill is attempting to advance an inequitable and scientifically dubious approach to addressing the climate harms from aviation. There is little question that these matters merit far more scrutiny before legislation to ostensibly scale these ‘sustainable aviation fuel’ technologies is advanced. There is a clear need to slow down on moving forward on this bill, and the most responsible action of the committee right now would be to make sure that this bill does not advance.

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