Biofuelwatch Newsletter December 2019

Dear Biofuelwatch supporter

Welcome to our final update of the year. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the year. With your continued support, we will keep working to ensure we see meaningful responses to climate change and protection of forests and the people and wildlife depending on them from pro-corporate false climate solutions. 

In this update you will find:

1)Yeo Valley Petition: Please switch to clean energy  

2)Biofuelwatch funding appeal:  

1)Yeo Valley Petition: Please switch to clean energy  

Yeo Valley is one of the UK’s leading organic dairy brands and as well as avoiding artificial fertilisers and chemical sprays on its farms, it is committed to protecting its wildlife, trees and hedgerows. However, Yeo Valley’s energy supplier, Haven Power, hides a dirty secret. Its so-called ‘renewable energy’ comes from Drax Power Station.

Drax calls itself the “single largest renewable energy generator in the UK” but it is actually the UK’s single largest carbon emitter and the world’s biggest burner of wood for electricity. Much of the wood which it burns comes from the clear-felling of biodiverse wetland forests in the Southern USA which are home to many endangered species. Last year, Drax burned 14 million tonnes of wood and emitted 13 million tonnes of CO2. This burning of trees is devastating forests, harming wildlife, polluting communities and making the climate crisis worse. As well as burning coal and trees, Drax is now planning to build the UK’s largest ever fossil gas power station.

Please sign our petition to ask Yeo Valley to follow through on its environmental commitments by switching from Haven Power to a clean energy supplier  

2)Biofuelwatch funding appeal

The UK is burning more imported wood pellets for electricity than any other country in the world.  Many of those pellets come from the southern US, where biodiverse native wetland forests are under threat from the rush for biomass.

Forests which are home to thousands of plant and animal species, some of them found nowhere else on the planet, are being clear-cut at a rapid pace and pellets made from those clear-cut forests are being burned by Drax Power Station in the UK. More and more communities are being polluted by giant pellet mills as their forests are cut down and shipped overseas.

Biofuelwatch has been working hard to end this madness but we rely on support and funding to be able to do so. Please consider making a donation to Biofuelwatch, to help us campaign against big biomass, and to push for subsidies to be granted instead to genuine low-carbon renewables.

Thank you very much, and from all at Biofuelwatch Happy Holidays! 


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