Yeo Valley: Leave the trees standing, switch to clean energy

Drax is selling its forest burning as renewable.

Help us end the greenwash.

Yeo Valley is one of the UK’s leading organic dairy brands, committed to avoiding artificial fertilisers and chemical sprays on its farms while protecting its wildlife, trees and hedgerows.  

However, Yeo Valley’s energy supplier, Haven Power, hides a dirty secret. Its so-called ‘renewable energy’ comes from Drax Power Station – a major coal power station and the world’s biggest burner of wood for electricity.

Drax calls itself the “single largest renewable energy generator in the UK” but it is actually the UK’s single largest carbon emitter

Much of the wood which it burns comes from the clear-felling of biodiverse wetland forests in the Southern USA which are home to many endangered species. Nearby communities face the impacts of wood dust, noise and heavy traffic as well as seeing their local forests turned into pellets and shipped overseas to be burned.

BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal? tells the little-known story of the accelerating destruction of our forests for fuel. This powerful film probes the policy loopholes, huge subsidies, and blatant greenwashing of the biomass electric power industry.

Last year, Drax burned 14 million tonnes of wood and emitted 13 million tonnes of CO2. This burning of trees is devastating forests, harming wildlife, polluting communities and making the climate crisis worse

As well as burning coal and trees, Drax is now planning to build the UK’s largest ever fossil gas power station.

To stop Drax, we must lift the smokescreen that is Haven Power. That means building a critical mass of organisations and companies that won’t buy from it.

Please ask Yeo Valley to follow through on its environmental commitments by switching from Haven Power to a clean energy supplier.

To: Yeo Valley

Leave the trees standing, please switch to clean energy

As one of the UK’s leading organic dairy brands, you have made commitments to protect wildlife, trees and hedgerows on your farms. However, these environmental efforts are being undermined by your choice of Haven Power as your energy supplier.

Far from being ‘green’ or ‘renewable energy’, Haven Power’s biomass energy comes from Drax Power Station – the UK’s single largest carbon emitter and the world’s biggest burner of wood for electricity. Drax has been burning coal for decades and now has plans to build the UK’s largest fossil gas power station yet.

Per unit of energy, burning wood is worse for the climate than coal, yet Drax has taken advantage of a widely condemned loophole that treats it as carbon-neutral. As a result, forests are being clear-felled in the name of renewable energy, while communities choke on particulates and witness their local environment disappear.

We applaud your efforts to make your business more sustainable and ethical; however, we suggest that to truly fulfil these credentials, you remove Haven Power as your supplier and switch to genuinely low carbon renewable suppliers that provide electricity generated from wind and solar. Plenty of these suppliers are available, and it is essential that a message is sent to Drax that it cannot get away with greenwashing its destructive operations. We don’t have time to lose.

Thank you for your time, we hope to hear from you soon.

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