International Day of Action on Bioenergy

18th October is an International Day of Action against Bioenergy, called by the Dogwood Alliance, Markets for Change, Global Forest Coalition, Biofuelwatch and other allies around the world.

Whether it’s US Southeastern forests clearcut to make wood pellet biomass for Europe, huge swaths of land cleared to make biogas out of maize in Germany, communities in the Philippines evicted in biofuel landgrabs, or native forests in Australia burned for electricity, bioenergy is a global issue that has implications in nearly every country. On the 18th of October, unite and take action on social media to call out #BigBadBioenergy.

We want as many people as possible to take this simple action, so think about things to do in your area! For example, you may want to take a photo of yourself or your comunity holding up a placard or poster with a message, or show a photo that illustrates negative impacts of a bioenergy-related development near you. We will be using the unifying hashtag #BigbadBioenergy and sharing images on this website and this Facebook event page to show the breadth and strength of our movement to protect communities, climate, and land/forests from industrial-scale bioenergy.

This is part of the #ReclaimPower month of action against dirty energy.