Critical information and resistance to geoengineering

geoengineeringmonitorIntroducing An alliance of civil society groups has just launched a new website, Geoengineering Monitor. The website will provide a space for publishing critical perspectives on, building resistance to and tracking developments related to geoengineering technologies. This launch is timely – it coincides with the publication of a controversial commentary in the prestigious scientific journal Nature which calls for open-air geoengineering experiments and for the unilateral development of rules for geoengineering by the United States. provides an overview of criticisms of climate engineering proposals, an historical record of opposition to geoengineering projects, as well as timely updates and realistic evaluations of the latest schemes. It has been set up by ETC Group and Biofuelwatch, as a resource for people interested in understanding the many risks associated with geoengineering technologies. It will report on critical scientific findings and closely follow policy developments.

As the climate crisis deepens and political and economic leaders remain in a state of paralysis, geoengineering is increasingly being advanced as a necessary course of action. Despite the serious implications of geoengineering, it has gone from unthinkable to fundable. However, public opinion and much of the scientific community consider geoengineering technologies to be risky and more likely to aggravate than resolve the climate crisis. In the UK for example, government funded research bodies have been at the forefront of future geoengineering development, but in 2012 the only open air experiment that had been planned was stopped after protests.

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