Presentations and links from ‘Forests are not Fuel: The Limits of Bioenergy in Climate Mitigation’ event

On 9th October we jointly hosted an event with Friends of the Earth, ‘Forests are not Fuel: The Limits of Bioenergy in Climate Mitigation.’ You can access links and presentations from our speakers here:

(1) Professor Helmut Haberl’s presentation dispelling the myth that biomass is necessarily carbon neutral as presumed by governments today, ‘Carbon Impacts of Burning Bioenergy

(2) Leo Broers’ and An-Katrien Lecluyse’s compelling documentary about the FSC-certification of Veracel’s destructive activities in Bahia, Brazil, ‘Sustainable on Paper’ – a must see!

(3) Professor Patricia Howard’s presentation, ‘Soil and Oil – The Titanic Competition for Land and Biomass and Some of its Global Implications, or, Can we learn to stop worrying and love biofuels?’

(4) Emilia Hanna’s presentation of Biofuelwatch’s new report, ‘Sustainable Biomass: A Modern Myth’