Save Southern Forests: tell your MP to back the campaign to end subsidies for big biomass

SOS day of action

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Conservation organisations in the US held a Save Our Southern Forests day of action on 13th November. Over 50,000 people sent an SOS to EU policy-makers, urging them to take action to stop the destruction of the world’s most biodiverse temperate forests.

Right now, wood from clearcut wetland forests is being turned into pellets to supply UK power stations such as Drax with wood for electricity generation. Our demand for this dirty fuel is thus causing forest destruction in the southern US. Let’s stand in solidarity with campaigners demanding action there, and demand the same from our policy-makers. Please take part in our action below by sending an email to your MP, asking them to ensure that no more support is given to big biomass power stations in the UK!

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Papua-Wide meeting calls for 10 year Moratorium on Plantation and Forestry Industries

Papua-Wide meeting calls for 10 year Moratorium on Plantation and Forestry Industries, See here for the list of organisations which signed the declaration

Avonmouth biomass gasifier plans defeated

avonmouth_biomass_city_hall_protest-1415228192Last night campaigners won a significant victory in their battle to stop a highly inefficient and polluting biomass gasifier in Avonmouth. Bristol City Councillors voted to reject Nexterra and Balfour Beatty’s planning application, despite it having been recommended for approval.

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Indonesia on the front line: Impacts of biofuel expansion for people, forests and climate

Indonesia on the front line: Impacts of biofuel expansion for people, forests and climate,  Briefing by Down to Earth, 11.11.11., Friends of the Earth Europe, Watch Indonesia!, Sawit Watch, Lembaga Gemawan and Rettet den Regenwald e.V.

Biofuelwatch briefing about the biomass plant proposed for Perth by Almondbank Park Power

Almondbank Power’s proposed biomass power plant in Perth: A high-risk experimental technology for burning trees

Open Letter to European Commission opposing biodiversity offsets

Open Letter to the European Commission signed by over 600 organisations and over 10,000 individuals opposing biodiversity offsetting

GE Trees: Columbus Day and the Colonization of Land, Trees and Genes

Photo credit Orin Langelle

Huffington Post article by Rachel Smolker

I spent the past several days participating in the Indigenous Environmental Network Campaign to Stop GE Trees Action Camp in the Qualla Boundary, homelands of the Eastern Band Cherokee in North Carolina. Participants included members of tribes across the Southeast, who came to learn about plans for growing genetically engineered trees on and/or adjacent to their territories.

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Palawan: Resistance to oil palm plantations continues

Members of the Coalition Against Land GrabbingOn the Philippine island Palawan, local resistance against oil palm plantations is continuing and strengthening: Over 4,200 individuals from local communities affected by palm oil have signed a petition calling for a moratorium on the expansion of oil palm plantations.  The petition has been presented to the Vice-Governor by the recently established Coalition Against Land Grabbing.  The next few weeks should see the start of negotiations with government agencies which will be crucial for Indigenous Peoples and farmers on Palawan.

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NGOs: Greater GIB powers should come with greener responsibility

GIBwasteEd Miliband has called for the Green Investment Bank (GIB) to have “real powers to borrow and attract investment”.  The United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) and Biofuelwatch [1] have responded by saying that any increase in funding or powers for the GIB should be linked to a responsibility to be greener in their investments.

‘Climate Smart Agriculture’? We say no

950457_origSerious concerns have been raised by over 100 civil-society organisations about the so-called “Global Alliance for Climate- Smart Agriculture” launched at the UN’s Climate Summit. Signatories to an open letter rejected the Alliance as a “deceptive and deeply contradictory initiative”.  The Alliance includes more than 20 governments, 30 organisations and corporations, including Fortune 500 companies McDonald’s and Kelloggs, and re-enforces the corporate control of agricultural production globally.

You can read the open letter and rejection letter here: