Netzero Festival

This year the net zero festival took place at the end of September 2022 showcasing a range of ‘solutions’ to the climate emergency. But the phrase ‘net zero’ has opened a door to a host of false solutions that will set us back in the fight for climate justice. Among other speakers, the Net Zero Festival gave a platform to the UK’s single largest carbon emitter and the world’s bigest tree burner, Drax.

We cannot allow net-zero greenwashing by big polluters like Drax to be a doorway to further corporate control of the climate and continued burning with vague promises to capture emissions. We must challenge these dangerous false solutions. Thank you to everyone who supported us in our social media action and for joining us in the protest outside the festival on thursday 29th September, the day Drax was speaking. We have added a couple fo photos below rom teh protest below

Huge thanks to XR Money Rebellion and for great support at the protest outside the Net Zero Festival in London which was sponsored by Drax and other big polluters. Many thanks to Tzeporah Berman for speaking out brilliantly about Drax’s forest destruction!