Video – Uprooting the Drivers of Deforestation & Climate Change: Frontline Visions and Pathways to a Transformative World

On 9th November 2021 Biofuelwatch, in collaboration with the Global Forest Coalition and other NGOs, co-hosted an online panel discussion that challenged some of the false climate solutions being proposed and promoted at COP26, and how these false solutions will make the climate crisis worse.

It featured activists from frontline communities who highlighted the injustices that their communities are facing as a consequence of extractive industries, patriarchy, colonialism and green capitalism.

The video is now online if you missed the event at the time.


Moderator: Global Forest Coalition

Maureen Santos – FASE. Brasil

Eduardo Giesen – Colectivo VientoSur, Chile

Almuth Ernsting – Biofuelwatch, UK

Katherine Egland – Chair of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Board Environmental and Climate Justice Committee, USA