End the Drax Train of Destruction Protest, 14 August 2020

A huge thank you to everyone that took part in the ‘End the Drax Train of Destruction’ protests on the 14th of August 2020.

This was an amazing coordinated action online and across 10 locations in the North which included groups from Friends of the Earth, Extinction Rebellion, The Save Rimrose Valley Campaign, The Stockport Climate Action Group, local Green Party groups, Unison and Biofuelwatch.

Actions ranged from banner drops, to puppet shows and socially-distanced community outreach. The #AxeDrax campaign held peaceful and creative protests to call for an end to Drax’s tree burning and the ‘trains of destruction’ which carry millions of tonnes of wood pellets from ports in Liverpool, Hull & Immingham to burn at Drax Power Station in Selby. Many of these pellets come from clear-felled biodiverse forests in Europe and the Southern USA.

Take Action Now

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to take part in the action. You can have your say by supporting our Cut Carbon Not Forests campaign. If you are in the UK please click on the take action UK button and submit a email to your MP asking them to call on the Government to transfer around £1 billion in UK renewable subsidies from tree burning in power stations like Drax to genuinely renewable wind and solar power. If you are outside the UK please share our tweet on social media and spread the word.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Smithy Bridge station

Please see videos and articles from the protest below: