A Message from Biofuelwatch

For those of you on the Burned screening tonight, we are so sorry for the extremely traumatic footage shared anonymously after the film. We have informed the police and will do everything we can to help them find and prosecute the people responsible. We lodged a complaint with Zoom and informed the NSPCC that Zoom is vulnerable to hacks of this sort. We’ve also contacted Stop it Now, and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command.

If you want information about how to help children at risk of abuse, please visit

If you need support for yourself, you might find it helpful to contact The number is 0808 802 9999

You can also contact Stop it Now, who already have details about what happened on the call: 0808 1000 900

If you would like to lodeg your own complaint to Zoom, the only way we can see to contact them other than through their feedback form and their contact page.

We plan to hold a screening again soon with the speakers and the Q&A that we were supposed to happen tonight. If we do use Zoom, we will ensure the event is password protected and by invitation only so that there will be a digital trail of participants.

We hope you are all okay and hope to stay in touch.

The Biofuelwatch Team