New report reveals the true cost of Drax’s coal imports from Russia

Kuzbass mining, Photo: Slava Stepanov

Coal Action Network and Fern have released a report “Slow Death in Siberia” about the impact of coal in that region. 49% of the UK’s coal imports come from Russia, and most Russian coal exported comes from the Kuzbass region in Siberia.

The report depicts entire villages in the Kuzbass region being destroyed, mountains of coal ‘waste’ dominating the land, and dust permeating everything. The indigenous Shor were dependent on wildlife for their subsistent way of life, sustainable over the generations.

Drax remains the UK’s biggest coal burner. It admits to sourcing coal from Russia, but Coal Action Network believes that it under-reports the amount of coal it imports from that country. From October 2018, Drax will be getting additional subsidies (called Capacity Market Payments) specifically for burning coal!

Click here for the report and here for a supplement showing the role played by Drax and others.