GE Trees: Presentation to the National Academy of Sciences

Forests in Crisis – but Biotechnology is not the Solution

Photo: GE eucalyptus trees, Global Justice Ecology Project


On 27th March 2018, members of Biofuelwatch and Global Justice Ecology presented evidence to the National Academies of Sciences via a webinar about the impacts and dangers of genetically engineered trees. Click here to see the slides and listen to the recording.

Read the Op-Ed in The Hill to find out more.

Here is an excerpt from the Op-Ed:



Attempts to promote forest health by circumventing evolution and genetically engineering trees, however, is bound to fail, with potentially irreversible impacts on the very ecosystems they ostensibly are intended to help. Any real strategy to address forest health crises must confront the underlying causes and include impacted communities in the decision-making process. withdrawal causes the opposite effect, resulting in the relapse. Disease symptoms can last a few months and require continuous monitoring.