Following Time to Twig

Thanks for visiting this page. The purpose of the Time to Twig demo is explained here. For essential background read our Biomass Basics page. See too our page on Pellets Plantations and Deforestation. And a recent article in Red Pepper magazine: Don’t believe the hype – Biomass is an environmental disaster

If you have pictures from the demo please email them urgently to

Pictures by Peter Marshall can be found here. Guy Bell’s tweeted pics are here. Thanks for great pics.

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The photographs of animals, courtesy of the Southern Environmental Law Center in the US, were of species endangered by logging for biomass: a three-lined salamander, a hooded warbler, a red wolf and a black bear. Read more about Biomass and Biodiversity in their short report.


Please let Yorkshire friends know about the #AxeDrax AGM demo on Wednesday 25th April in York. Drax power station is the biggest wood burning power station in the world and the leading greenwasher of this technology. It received £729m subsidy from our energy bills in 2017 to burn 13m tonnes of imported wood which added 11.7m tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere, none of which did they have to declare or pay carbon taxes on.

Please watch the Ch4 Dispatches documentary on biomass The True Cost of Green Energy.(30 mins, screened on Monday 16 April) here until 17 May. 800,000 people watched it on Monday.

There will be a screening of the award-winning documentary BURNED – Are Trees the New Coal? at 7pm on Thursday 26 April, at the Permaculture Cinema, Cafe Cairo, near Brixton/Clapham North, 88 Landor Road, SW9 9PE.

The next meeting of the Biomassive, a group of people who get the dangers of large-scale biomass and organise to oppose it, will be on 2 May, 7-9pm in the foyer of the President Hotel 56-60 Guilford Street London, United Kingdom WC1N 1DB. See facebook event