#AxeDrax AGM Protest 2016

Axe The Draxosaurus

Scores of demonstrators took to the streets on April 20th 2016 to demand an end to subsidies for Drax power station, during the Drax PLC Annual General Meeting in the City of London.


Highlight moments captured in this engaging video,
courtesy of Reel News.

Dinosaur Tec is Not Clean Tec

costumes in one

Biofuelwatch has a long and proud tradition of protesting outside the AGM, drawing attention to the damage and destruction caused by Drax.  We continue to let  investors know that Drax is toxic, destructive energy and that investments in Drax are not safe. In return for destroying climate, forest & community Drax receives subsidies of around £1.3 million a day.


We gathered en masse – appreciating campaign solidarity from London Mining Network, Coal Action Network, Reclaim the Power, Care2, Campaign Against Climate Change, Rising Tide and more.   We donned fabulous costumes, hoisted our placards, banners and signs and positioned ourselves so we could engage shareholders as they entered the conference room.  Leafleting was fast, furious & highly effective.  Attendees and passers-by were handed a “Warning to Investors”.

Meanwhile, Drax power station was visited by members of People & Planet in a solidarity action.

PandP 1

Demonstrators generated a friendly vibrant atmosphere and delivered our message with inspiring speakers and protest music.

Photographer Jo Syz captured the AGM demo action energy of the day in these photos.

reaper tower

As the AGM drew to a close the demonstration progressed to the Department of Energy and Climate Change where we delivered a petition (hosted by Care2.com), which has attracted a total of over 130,000 signatures.  The grim reaper symbolically axed the Draxosaurus.


petition delivery

For Forests, Communities & Climate It’s time to #AxeDrax –  the UK’s largest carbon polluter has got to go!  Find out more about our campaign and get in touch if you would like to support axing the Draxosaurus.

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Drax is the largest coal-fired power station in the UK and the biggest biomass power station in the world.  It generates just under 660 megawatts, (MW) of electricity (that’s per unit, and there’s 6 of them).

  • Drax creates vast amounts of air pollution and emits more carbon than any other power station in the UK
  • Drax sources coal from mining companies that have forcefully evicted communities
  • Drax burns huge amounts of wood pellets made from biodiverse wetland forests in the southern US & Canada
  • Drax earns  around £1.3 million a day in UK Govt. subsidies

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Would you like to know more about Drax?
To find out more about why Biofuelwatch intend to AxeDrax: not forests, communities, or the climate, visit our #AxeDrax campaign page.

This video – Biomass Emergency is a great way to find out more about biomass electricity.

Let Draxosuaurs die share graph image from duncan