Video of Save our Southern (SOS) Forests Tour in US.

US NGO Dogwood Alliance have released a video of their recent Tour of hotspots of the wood pellet industry in the southern US.

They travelled 2,200 miles through 8 states, held 10 community events in 6 different cities and, with the help of 37 diverse partner organizations, reached thousands of people, and generated key media hits. Read the SOS Tour Blog.

Last year Dogwood Alliance got 50,000 people to send messages to the UK energy minister protesting at the destruction of southern forests to feed supposedly ‘green’ energy in the UK. They say “The movement is growing, and we are what it will take to stop the destruction of our forests.”

Watch Dogwood Alliance’s short film ‘Our Forests Aren’t Fuel: Wetlands Up in Smoke‘ which graphically illustrates the forest destruction caused by the UK and EU biomass electricity demand.

See Dogwood’s article investigating clear-felling by Enviva, Drax’s largest supplier of pellets.

Recent reports from other US environmental NGOs, including Natural Resources Defense Council and Southern Environmental Law Center, support our case that biomass feedstocks currently supplied to Drax by Enviva are up to 3 times worse than coal.