Over 6,600 signatures against subsidies for biofuel/palm oil electricity handed to UK government

Campaigners have handed a petition with over 6,600 signatures against subsidies (ROCs) for electricity from biofuels to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.  The petition was supported by ActionAid, Friends of the Earth, Sumatran Orangutan Society, Biofuelwatch, Action for Sustainable Energy for Bristol and No Oil Palm Energy.

Community in Bajo Aguan, Honduras brutally evicted for oil palm plantations , Photo: Nora Bluhme, member of the Honduras Delegation 2010

It is feared that current DECC proposals to guarantee long-term subsidies to electricity from biofuels could result in up to half a million tonnes of palm oil being burned in power stations, which would more than double total UK palm oil imports.  So far, biofuel company W4B holds planning consent to build two large palm oil power station in Bristol and Portland (Dorset) and Edgeley Green Power have submitted a planning application for a biofuel power station in Shoreham-on-Sea, listing palm oil as a potential feedstock.

DECC is expected to present their final decision to Parliament in February 2013.

Click here and here to see videos of the petition handover.  See here for a joint press release.