Scotland: No to biofuel and biomass electricity subsidies

The Scottish government believes it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing finance to renewable energy technologies through subsidies called Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

As well as providing support for clean technologies like wind farms,  ROCs also finance electricity from biomass and bioliquids,  which have been shown to

Using biomass on an industrial scale means more imports from overseas where forests are already dwindling. Picture courtesy of Greenpeace.

  • increase greenhouse gas emissions
  • cause deforestation
  • worsen air quality locally
  • result in human rights abuses with forced evictions, inhumane treatement of workers, and increased food prices commonplace

The Renewables Obligation also subsidises the incineration of waste, which can be derived from fossil fuels, thus worsening air quality and discouraging recycling.

The Renewable Obligation Scheme is financed through money from our fuel bills. If things stay as they are, it will carry on being OUR MONEY funding this dirty, false solution at the expense of people and the planet.

The Scottish Government is consulting on the level of support to be given all types of electricity classed as renewable, including from biomass and bioliquids, and they want your views.

Tell the Scottish Government that renewable energy support should go to clean, sustainable real renewables, such as sustainably sited wind, solar and tidal energy, and not to destructive biomass and bioliquid electricity.

We have prepared a template below – feel free to customize it, and if you need any more information, see our guide to the consultation.  If you would like to read the Government’s consultation document, please click here.

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