#AxeDrax, October 22

Demo and celebration at Drax Power Station, 22nd October 2016, 1 – 5 pm. Drax burns more wood than any other power station in...
Lynemouth Power Station

Conversion of Mothballed Lynemouth Power Station to Biomass Threatens Forests and Aggravates Climate Change

Biomass scheme another reason for banks to blacklist controversial energy corporation EPH Biofuelwatch briefing about EPH’s conversion of Lynemouth Power Station to biomass by

New summary BECCS report: Last ditch climate option or wishful thinking?

Biofuelwatch, in collaboration with Heinrich Böll Foundation, has re-released a summarised version of “Last-ditch climate option or wishful thinking? Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and...

Declaration: Large-scale bioenergy must be excluded from the renewable energy definition

– Click here for a Spanish version of this declaration. We,...

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