Past Protests

Africa Land Summit Protest: 26th June 2012: Pension fund managers and hedge funds have their eyes on a new money making scheme: to buy up acres and acres of African farmland. They met to discuss their new plans for Africa. Biofuelwatch volunteers joined ActionAid and Friends of the Earth to protest this form of neo-colonialism:

Picture - with thanks to Pete Deane








19th April, Edinburgh: MSPs joined protesters from Biofuelwatch, Friends of the Earth Scotland, No Leith Biomass Campaign and Grangemouth Community Council outside the Scottish Parliament to demand the end of subsidies for dirty  biomass. The Green Party and Labour Party put out press releases to support the call to end subsidies for biomass. Watch a video of speeches given by MSPs Malcolm Chisholm, Alison Johnstone, and Campaigners Davina Shiell (Friends of the Earth Scotland), Mark Haldane (Grangemouth resident) and Emilia Hanna (Biofuelwatch) here.

Cross-party support from Scottish MSPs for the anti-subsidies Biomass Protest. Photo courtesy of Friends of the Earth Scotland











Action Againstgrofuel banner drop against ROCs for biofuels and biomass, London, 23rd October 2011

Activists hang a banner across the Mall which boasts 'protected' London Plain trees to show the hypocrisy of the UK Government's willingness to sacrifice more precious trees in endangered forests for 'bio'energy

Protest against ROCs for biomass and biofuels, DECC, 22nd October 2011

Moving Planet rally against fossil fuels and Forth Energy’s big biomass plans, Edinburgh,  14th September 2011

 Action Against Agrofuel Grangemouth Forth Ports blockade, 16/5/11

No Leith Biomass protest at Holyrood, 24/2/11

Demonstration against W4B’s palm oil power station plans in Portland, 25/9/10

Action Against Agrofuels occupation of Forth Energy’s HQ in Leith, 23/8/10

Demonstration outside W4B public inquiry, Bristol, 10th August 2010

NOPE demonstration, Portland,  1/5/2010

ealingSouthall Power Station appeal – 09/03/10



Protest outside Bristol City Council’s planning hearing, 24/2/10

DECCDECC demo against agrofuel subsidies (ROCs) – 12/10/09

VirginAction Against Agrofuels, Virgin/Heathrow demo – 22/06/09