Resources on biomass

Through following the links below you’ll find heaps of useful information and resources on biomass and our biomass-related campaigns.

Biomass campaign materials and briefings

Map of UK biomass power stations

Frequently Asked Questions about Biomass – and their answers

Coal to Biomass Conversions briefing

Burning Wood in Power Stations – Public Health Impacts

Biomass Sustainability Standards – a Credible Tool for Avoiding Negative Impacts from Large-scale Bioenergy?, joint briefing by Biofuelwatch, Global Forest Coalition and Econexus

Our Reports and publications

A new look at land-grabs in the global south linked to EU biomass policies, Biofuelwatch, June 2013

Report by Global Forest Coalition and Biofuelwatch: Wood Bioenergy: Green Land Grabs For Dirty ‘Renewable’ Energy

Biofuelwatch Report: Biomass: The Chain of Destruction (including the case report Plantations for Energy: A Case Study of Suzano’s plantations for wood pellet exports in the Baixo Parnaíba region, Maranhão, Brazil by Ivonete Gonçalves de Souza  from CEPEDES and Winfridus Overbeek from World Rainforest Movement)

Biofuelwatch Report: Sustainable Biomass – A modern myth

Reports, studies and briefings by other groups

A list of peer-reviewed studies, NGO reports, briefings and letters on biomass

Biomass Monitor archives: News and analysis of US biomass-related campaigning, policies and industry developments from October 2010 to May 2014