UK: Local campaigns against biofuel and biomass power stations

Biofuelwatch offers advice and support to residents and local groups concerned about bioenergy developments near them. We’ve supported campaigns around biomass and biofuel power stations, both proposed and already built. We also support residents impacted by other infrastructure such as woodchipping and waste wood plants.

If you’re concerned about the impacts of a biomass or biofuel power plant near you, whether proposed or an existing one, please send us an email.

Here are highlights of two active local campaigns in the UK which we currently support (last updated December 2016):

+ Campaign against a highly controversial development on prime agricultural greenbelt land in Damhead, just outside Edinburgh: Although the original proposal was primarily for a film studio, once the public consultation had closed, the developers slipped in an amendment to allow them to build a potentially large biomass power stations. Biofuelwatch is supporting local residents, including the local Community Council, against those plans.  A decision is expected to be made by the Scottish Government in early 2017.  See here for our background briefing.

+ Campaign against a large waste and biomass gasifier in Blackbridge, near Milford Haven: Biofuelwatch is working with Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth to oppose a large waste and biomass gasification plant proposed by Egnedol.  Egnedol submitted a full planning application and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) during the summer of 2016, however this was rejected and they now have until March 2017 to submit an amended application and EIA.