Please join us for Drax AGM actions in April to call for an end to Drax’s tree burning

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Please join us this month for some exciting online and in-person events to call on the Government to stop funding Drax’s tree burning.

We were very excited to join Extinction Rebellion, Stop Burning Trees and many other groups for ‘The Big One’ demonstrations in London on Friday 21st April you can see some of the brillient pictures and videos of the day by clicking below:

We’ll also be demonstrating during the Drax AGM on Wednesday 26th April. You can find out more and how to get involved below.

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1. drax agm actions – wednesday 26th april: ‘we pay. trees burn, drax profits’

Start: Wednesday 26th April, 2023 • 12:00 PM


Host Contact Info:

On Wednesday 26th April, please join us and Stop Burning Trees for a demonstration outside the Drax AGM at 200 Aldersgate in London near St Paul’s from 12pm to call for an end to Drax’s planet-wrecking tree burning.

Our slogan for the demonstration is ‘We pay, trees burn, Drax profits.’

You can find more information about the demonstration on this facebook page. Please feel free to bring any signs and banners – we’d love to see you there!

Don’t worry if you are unable to join the London demonstration on the 26th April. Stop Burning Trees is also organising amazing Drax AGM demonstrations in Yorkshire, Liverpool and the North of England.

Please email if you would like to join one of these actions or plan an action in your local area. Stop Burning Trees has an action toolkit below which has lots of ideas about how you can get involved online and in your local area:

2. drax online actions

COVID safety:

We would not want anybody to become ill as a result of attending a Biofuelwatch event and we want to make this event as safe as possible for people at higher clinical risk. To keep everyone safe, please avoid attending these events if you have tested positive for covid or if you have covid symptoms.

If you are unable to make it in person you can still support actions on the 21st and 26th April online. You can find some sample tweets and facebook suggestions below along with two images in this section which you can download. As Drax begins its Annual General Meeting, starting at 12pm UK time, please share your messages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtags #WePayTreesBurnDraxProfits #StopBurningTrees #AxeDrax #BigBadBiomass #BiomassScam

Everyone is welcome!

It would be great if you could tag your local MP as well as the Minister for Energy Security and NetZero, Graham Stuart (@grahamstuart), and the Secretary of State for Energy Security and NetZero, Grant Shapps (@grantshapps), to ask them to transfer over £1 billion in UK renewable subsidies from tree burning in power stations like Drax to genuine renewables.

You can find your MP and their contact details here. If you don’t have enough space to add twitter handles to your tweet, you can instead tag the MPs when you upload the photo or video.

Drax is throwing a party to celebrate their record breaking profits, made from burning trees and sky high energy bills. Despite this, they have still received millions in public subsidies coming out of people’s energy bills!… Click To Tweet Drax made record profits last year of £731 million, an 83% increase on the previous year, Drax is profiting from a cost of living crisis. This money is being used to fund the pollution of environmental justice communities abroad, harm… Click To Tweet Drax presents themselves as a green company, this is a lie. Drax is the UKs single largest carbon emitter and worlds biggest tree burner – there is nothing green about this! #BiomassScam #AxeDrax Click To Tweet Drax is currently trying to lobby the government into giving them billions of bill payers money in subsidies to build BECCS despite Drax admitting that none of their carbon capture projections are based on real world trials. BECCS at… Click To Tweet Drax and the government are preventing progress towards genuinely green energy by continuing to support woody biomass – we can take these subsidies and invest them in real solutions! #BiomassScam #BigBadBiomass Click To Tweet

Facebook example post

Drax made record profits last year of £731 million – an 83% increase on the previous year. Despite making record profits during a cost of living crisis, Drax still received £617 million in subsidies which are coming out of people’s energy bills. This money is being used to fund the pollution of environmental justice communities abroad, harm to forests, and harm to biodiversity. Let’s send a clear message to the government and demand an end to the subsides for tree burning.Email your MP here

3. email your mp

Please help to protect forests, wildlife, communities and the climate by calling on your MP to stop existing subsidies for tree burning power stations in the UK and transfer these subsidies to genuinely low carbon energy sources and real climate action like insulating homes. We also need MPs to stop Drax from getting more subsidies under the guise of unproven carbon capture and storage technology that will allow them to continue burning trees and polluting communities.

4. leaflets

If you would like some information about Drax to hand out we have added a PDF copy of our leaflet which you are welcome to download and print for your event.

5. Watch our Webinar again

If you missed our webinar on Wednesday 12th April on ‘How we can stop Drax’s tree burning’ you can see the recoridng of it below. We were delighted to be joined by special guest speakers, Michelle Connolly from Conservation North (Canada), Reverend Michael Malcom from The People’s Justice Council and Alabama Interfaith Power and Light (USA), and Merry Dickinson from the Stop Burning Trees Coalition (UK) to share how we can help stop Drax’s destruction of forests and pollution of communities around the world.