Break up with Barclays 💔

Did you know that Barclays is a major investor in the UK’s single largest carbon emitter & the world’s biggest tree burner, Drax?

Barclays claims to be a climate-friendly bank which is supporting wildlife and investing in renewable energy.

However, Barclays is cheating us all! Far from going green, Barclays is funding forest destruction, biodiversity loss, environmental injustice and climate-wrecking emissions through its investments in the UK’s single largest carbon emitter and the world’s biggest wood-burning power station, Drax.

Barclays is also the biggest funder of fossil fuels in Europe and the 7th biggest funder of fossil fuels worldwide. Between 2015 and 2021, Barclays financed around US $167 billion in fossil fuels, including US $2 billion to fund oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and US $29 billion for fracking.

This Valentine’s Day 💝, join us, Money Rebellion & groups across the UK for a Break Up With Barclays day of action to call on Barclays to stop funding Drax’s tree burning and fossil fuels.

Please follow the link to our action pack where you can find out how to take action.

***If you’re in Liverpool there’s an in person Valentine’s day protest outside Barclays, 48-50 Lord St, 11.30am-1pm***

And if Barclays refuses to drop its dirty investments, it’s time for us to #BreakUpWithBarclays.💔💔