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Drax Power Station’s tree burning is fuelling #forest destruction, biodiversity loss & the #ClimateCrisis. As Drax holds its AGM today, it’s time for the Government to stop funding’s Drax tree burning & let #forests live:… Click To Tweet Biomass isn't clean or green. Cutting down vital forests, harming wildlife and polluting communities is not a solution to the climate crisis, it's a scam!… Click To Tweet Drax Power Station’s tree burning is devastating #forests, wildlife, communities & the #climate. As Drax holds its AGM, we demand that Drax stops burning all the things & call for an end to Drax’s renewable subsidies:… Click To Tweet

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As Drax shareholders gathers today to discuss profiting from Drax’s climate-wrecking tree burning and how they can get even better at the biomass scam, people are gathering in London and around the country to tell Drax to #StopBurningTrees! 

Drax are expert greenwashers, claiming to be ‘Europe’s biggest decarbonisation program’ whilst being the UKs single biggest carbon emitter and the world’s biggest burner of trees! They also claim to be providing jobs to local communities, but fail to mention all the long-term health conditions that come from living near them and working for them. It’s time to #AxeDrax & #StopBurningTrees: 

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🚨Today Drax gathers in London for their AGM, discussing profiting off pollution and how they can further fuel the climate crisis. 🚨

❗️Drax is the UKs single largest carbon emitter, the world’s biggest tree burner and responsible for destroying the health of communities around the world. Increasing demand for trees to burn has led to increased forest degradation, biodiversity loss and pollution. 🌳

🔥Per unit of energy generated biomass emits more carbon than coal, yet Drax received £893 million in renewable subsidies in 2021. By 2027 Drax will have received £10 billion in renewable subsidies, taken from people’s fuel bills. 💰

1️⃣It’s time to TELL THE TRUTH. Biomass is not green or clean, it is a scam. 

2️⃣It’s time to DEFUND BIOMASS. We urgently need to transition away from fossil fuels, but this cannot be done by moving to an equally destructive form of fuel. 

3️⃣It’s time to FUND COMMUNITIES NOT CORPORATIONS. We need funding for genuine renewables & support for those forced into poverty by this destructive economic system. Invest in communities not corporations! #StopBurningTrees #AxeDrax #CutCarbonNotForests #BiomassScam

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.@VattenfallGroup Real climate action is needed now, not in “one generation”. Stop your expansion of forest #biomass energy & trade in wood pellets. Replace high-carbon fuels (coal, fossil gas, wood, waste incineration) with clean… Click To Tweet .@VattenfallGroup Burning wood from trees is not low-carbon and harms forest ecosystems. Stop expanding forest #biomass use and your wood pellet trade and phase out burning all carbon fuels! #Vattenfail Click To Tweet .@VattenfallGroup Stopping >1.5 degrees warming requires rapid phase-out of fossil fuels and other high carbon fuels & protecting and restoring forests. Accept your own responsibililty and stop relying on #biomass, coal, gas and… Click To Tweet

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@Vattenfall_Se (Vattenfall Sweden)

@VattenfallBXL (Vattenfall EU)

@VattenfallNL (Vattenfall Netherlands)

@Vattenfall_De (Vattenfall Germany)

@strandhall (relevant Swedish politician)

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On 13th April, 16 environmental organisations from 6 countries wrote to the Swedish state-owned energy company Vattenfall, urging real action to protect climate and biodiversity from collapse: . While trying to greenwash its image, Vattenfall continues to burn coal and gas – and is expanding energy generation from burning wood.

Vattenfall, a Swedish-state owned multinational company, uses the slogan “fossil-free living within one generation”. Not only is this far too late if we want to have any hope of preventing a catastrophic >1.5 or even >2 degrees global warming. But Vattenfall, as part of its mistaken ‘energy transition’, is also expanding the use of biomass energy from burning forest wood, in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands:

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