Stop Drax greenwashing forest destruction at the Net Zero Festival

From 28 September – 29th September 2022, the ‘Net Zero Festival’ will showcase a range of ‘solutions’ to the climate emergency. But the phrase ‘net zero’ has opened a door to a host of false solutions that will set us back in the fight for climate justice. Among other speakers, the Net Zero Festival will give a platform to the UK’s single largest carbon emitter and the world’s bigest tree burner, Drax.

We cannot allow net-zero greenwashing by big polluters like Drax to be a doorway to further corporate control of the climate and continued burning with vague promises to capture emissions. We must challenge these dangerous false solutions.

Help us get the story out there about false climate solutions & corporate greenwashing during the Net Zero Festival, particularly on Thursday 29th September, the Drax will be speaking.

Take Action

Please join us in creating a social media storm using our draft social media content & pictures below, and help call out the false solutions! 

Please feel free to share your tweets and facebook posts on any of the Net Zero Festival days between the Wed 28th of September & Thurs 29th of September

There are example tweets and facebook posts in this guide which you can use & you are also very welcome to create your own. 

Example Tweets to share

In order to to tackle #ClimateChange we have to skip past #FalseSolutions & go straight to genuine climate action! So a #NetZerofestival with Drax promoting tree burning is missing the mark! #ZeroAmbition #NetZero #StopBurningTrees Click To Tweet Our world is on fire but polluters like Drax claim they can reach #NetZero emissions by burning #trees! We don't have time for #FalseSolutions like tree burning at Drax. For the sake of our planet, we need #RealZero, not #NetZero. Click To Tweet “Going negative”? If Drax’s plans for unproven carbon capture go ahead, we’ll see more forest destruction & biodiversity loss, more pollution of communities & more climate-wrecking tree burning. #NetZeroFestival #AxeDrax Click To Tweet The world's biggest tree burner, Drax, sources wood from clearcut biodiverse forests in the Southern US where dirty pellet mills are sited in communities suffering poverty & pollution. #ZeroAmbition on #EnvironmentalJustice Click To Tweet The UK's single largest carbon emitter, Drax, is using the #NetZeroFestival to promote its planet-wrecking tree burning, environmental injustice & forest destruction. It's time to #AxeDrax & #StopBurningTrees! Click To Tweet We're in a #ClimateEmergency & promises by #BigPolluters like Drax to reach '#NetZero' emissions by burning trees are a disaster for forests, wildlife, communities & the climate. We need #RealZero not #NetZeroGreenwashing! Click To Tweet

Example Facebook post to share

We are in the middle of a climate and ecological crisis, yet the world’s biggest tree burner, Drax, is sponsoring and taking part in the #NetZeroFestival to promote its climate-wrecking tree burning & unproven bioenergy with carbon capture & storage (BECCS) technology.

We don’t have time for these dangerous ‘net zero’ #FalseSolutions. Our house is on fire right now! It’s time for a Just Transition to genuinely renewable energy & #RealZero emissions! #NetZero #ZeroAmbition #AxeDrax #StopBurningTrees