Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Consultation

Help us stop funding for false solutions by responding to the government’s GGR consultation.

The government is currently consulting on methods of Greenhouse Gas Removal to be adopted and awarded £100 million in funding over the next four years. One method under consideration is Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), which would include Drax Power Station’s attempt at capturing carbon. More government funding for BECCS would be bad for our climate because the technology to capture and store carbon from burning trees is unproven – projects could be awarded funding under the promise of being “carbon capture ready”, and never actually capture a single gramme of CO2. Even if the technology were made to work in the future, it would lead to increased forest destruction and the conversion of large areas of land to monoculture tree plantations in order to supply wood to burn in power stations. As well as increasing all the destructive elements of large scale biomass, rolling out BECCS would lose us vital time to actually reduce our carbon emissions – the most important thing we must do to address the climate crisis. 

We need your help to tell the government that the best thing we can do for the climate is to urgently cut our CO2 emissions and to protect and restore natural ecosystems – rather than relying on dangerous and unproven technofixes. We cannot rely on false promises like BECCS to clean up our CO2 emissions, and must instead move rapidly away from dirty biomass and fossil fuels and take steps to protect and restore natural ecosystems. 

Lend your voice and tell policymakers that public money must be spent on real solutions, not dangerous distractions. To make a submission to the consultation, you can use the draft submission we have written below, or view the full consultation here. You don’t need to answer all the questions and the consultation closes on 26th February.