General Election 2019

On 12th December 2019 the UK will go to the polls again. This is a vital opportunity for climate action and an end to biomass burning. 

Please click this link to see  how you can take action and most importantly Email your candidates 

Thanks to the incredible work of environmental campaigners, the climate crisis is near the top of the political agenda for the first time and Parliament declared a Climate Emergency in May.

There have also been amazing wins to protect endangered forests in the Southern USA from the biomass industry as North Carolina’s new clean energy plan roundly condemned the use of its forests for fuel overseas.

But the biomass industry is working hard to paint itself as an essential solution to climate breakdown, and it will be working even harder to influence MP candidates. We now have two fights on our hands – placing the climate crisis at the forefront of this election, and ensuring biomass is seen for what it is – a cause of climate change, not a solution.

This is why we need to use this election to persuade politicians to end their support for the fossil fuel and biomass companies which are causing the climate crisis. We need to ask candidates to add their name to this pledge calling to scrap biomass subsidies and for MPs to reflect this in their party manifestos. And we need our MPs, and potential candidates, to know that if they don’t take this seriously, they will lose votes.

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We’ve prepared this handy guide on how you can get involved in this election. Biomass is polluting communities, damaging biodiversity, and accelerating climate change. But without your help, companies like Drax will be able to get away with greenwashing their biomass burning as ‘sustainable’. For forests, communities, and the climate, we can’t let that happen. It’s time to make big biomass a big issue this election.

How to take action

1. Send Email to your candidates

Find out who you can vote for here.  We have prepared an email for you to copy and paste and sent to candidates:

Dear [Add MP Name]

This election marks our last chance to take meaningful action on the climate emergency.

Recent polling shows that the environment will, for the first time in years, be a high priority for a significant amount of voters, and it is imperative that parties and candidates can prove to voters that they are taking climate breakdown seriously.

In this light, it is important for me that you do not turn a blind eye to the industrial burning of forest biomass, which is damaging forests, impacting communities, and accelerating the climate crisis. Last year, the UK handed out over £1.3 billion in subsidies to biomass burning, subsidies which are also allowing power stations such as Drax to continue burning fossil fuels. You can read more about the impacts of biomass subsidies at

As your constituent, I am writing to ask that you support the call to scrap biomass subsidies of over a £1 billion a year, and transfer these subsidies to genuinely renewable energy. Please sign this pledge now to show your commitment 

The biomass industry is working hard to paint itself as an essential solution to climate breakdown, but it is not a solution at all – it is a cause. Thank you for any support you can give to this issue, which is crucial to tackling the climate emergency.

Yours sincerely,

2. Ask your local candidates to commit to our pledge 

As well as asking your candidates to complete our pledge form why not print out this downloadable version of the Pledge, take it along to any hustings or event and ask your candidate to take a picture with it. You can then send the picture to them and share on social media – remember to @Biofuelwatch! You can also direct candidates to our biomass subsidies briefing for more information.

3. Social Media: We have put together some tweets for you below, and some photos to include underneath. Please remember to @ your candidates before you tweet. 

The #GeneralElection needs to be a #ClimateElection, and if you are serious about tackling environmental injustice & the biodiversity & climate crises, will you commit to scrapping #bigbiomass ? Click To Tweet I’m standing up for the world’s forests, communities and climate with @Biofuelwatch this #GeneralElection. Will you join me? Click To Tweet Will you support forests, communities and the climate by calling for an end to #biomass subsidies? Click To Tweet


If you want to include a picture, please download it below and attach it in a newly composed tweet. You can then copy the text into that tweet from an above template.

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