Scrap Subsidies for Burning Wood for Power – Please Write to Your MP

We urgently need your help to call on the government to Scrap Subsidies for Burning Wood Biomass for electricity and to redirect these subsidies to clean renewables.

In 2018, around £1.3 billion in UK renewable energy subsidies – paid out of a surcharge on our electricity bills – went to power stations burning wood. This is money which should go to genuinely low-carbon renewables such as wind, wave and solar power. Altogether, far more wood is being burned for electricity than is produced annually in the UK.

Far from being green energy, biomass burning makes climate change worse, destroys forests and damages biodiversity. It also harms communities who live near wood pellet plants and biomass power stations and wastes bill-payers’ money on a false solution to our energy needs.

If you’re a UK resident, then please help us to persuade MPs to support genuinely low-carbon wind, wave and solar power as well as energy saving measures in order to help tackle climate change, save forests, reduce pollution and combat environmental injustice.

For more information about why the government should end and divert subsidies for burning wood, please see here. The Briefing for MPs on ‘Why Biomass should no longer receive renewable energy subsidies‘ is here

Please send the email below to your MP today and ask your friends and family to do the same. If you can personalise your message, it will have an even greater impact. If you get a reply from your MP, please forward it to us at biofuelwatch[at] .

What else can you do?

For some common responses from MPs and how to reply, please see here

If you would like to arrange a meeting with your MP, we have a guide to help you prepare for your meeting here

For a Campaign Guide with useful information, pictures and quotes to help you talk to your MP about redirecting subsidies from biomass burning to renewables, please see here

Get involved in our campaign to divert biomass subsidies to low-carbon renewable energy and energy conservation! To find out what else you can do, please email us at biofuelwatch[at]

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