Take Action

E-petitions and alerts

Please write to your MP to demand action to end £1 billion wasted in subsidy to dirty biomass and redirect it to genuine low-carbon renewable energy. About 600 people have already taken part – but there are 650 MPs so please spread the word far and wide!

Please sign the petition demanding that the Secretary of State refuse permission for Drax PLC’s station’s plans for the UK’s biggest gas power station. Let’s get it beyond 100,000!


London, 4th April 2019: Please come along to the handover the petition against Drax’s plans for 3.6 Gigawatt  of new gas power capacity in Yorkshire. This will be a colourful event from 8am to 10am, outside the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (1 Victoria Street, SW1H 0ET)

London, 17th April 2019: Come along and join our lively banner protest outside the Drax AGM, protesting against all three forms of dirty energy Drax invests in: biomas (much of it from clearcut biodiverse forests), coal and fossil fuel gas. Watch this space for further details!