ROCs review of subsidies for Bioenergy

 UPDATE: DECC has now published their decision over future subsidies (ROCs) for electricity from what they class as renewable energy.  They have decided to pledge large-scale and long-term subsidies for biomass power stations and the conversion of coal to biomass power stations, as well as lower long-term subsidies for biomass co-firing with coal.  This is bad news for the climate, forests and people.  For more information, see here.   A decision by the Scottish Government is still outstanding.

If you live in Scotland, there is still time to ask your MSP to speak out against ROCs for bio-electricity.

Biofuelwatch believes that governments should:

– encourage genuine renewables instead, like wind, solar, and tidal, which we have an abundance of on this island.

– prioritise reducing our consumption of energy

Click here for a briefing on issues to raise with your MSP in Scotland.

+ Please email us if you would like to find out more about how to get involved in this campaign.

Would you like more information?

Click here for a detailed briefing on what the consultation means in Scotland.

Click here for a summary of the impacts associated subsidies for electricity from bioenergy and waste incineration.