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Guaranteeing disaster for communities and forests: Say not to Public Loan  Guarantees for biomass

Tell the Green Investment Bank not to fund Forth Energy’s destructive biomass power station in Grangemouth

Get involved in local campaigns:

There are various local campaigns against biomass and biofuel power stations across the UK. If you would like to find out more about them or help start a new one, we’d love to hear from you -just email us at .

Right now, help is needed in particular with campaigns against

- A biofuel (likely palm oil) CHP plant proposed as part of the Battersea Power Station re-development in London – see

- A development comprising a biofuel CHP plant, a biomass CHP plant and a pellet plant in Llangefni, Anglesey

 Biofuelwatch campaign against Coal – Biomass Conversions

Currently by far the largest biomass investments in the UK  – all of which are reliant on imported wood from trees cut down for that purpose – are going into conversions of coal power stations.

In response to this Biofuelwatch have launched a new campaign against Coal-to-Biomass Conversions.

Our main focus right now is on Drax, the biggest burner of biomass in the UK.  Drax is burning pellets from the southern US and British Columbia, two regions where highly biodiverse and carbon rich forests are being rapidly clearcut.  As confirmed by a BBC investigation, some of the pellets from Drax’s key supplier Enviva have been made from clearcutting precious fragments of wetland forests in North Carolina.  Without partial conversion to biomass, Drax would not be able to meet EU regulations on sulphur dioxide emissions so they would have to close.

Please email us at if you would like to find out more or get involved in this campaign!

More Information

- For more information on biomass impacts, see here.

-  Click here for maps of UK biomass power stations and UK biofuel plants  

- Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about biomass

What we are calling for

The UK and Scottish Governments should:

- encourage genuine renewables instead, like wind, solar, and tidal, which we have an abundance of on this island;

- prioritise reducing our consumption of energy.

Leith residents outside Holyrood protesting Forth Energy’s biomass power station plans

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