Tell UK Government what you think about more subsidies for biomass power plants and waste incinerators

The Government is once more consulting on renewable energy subsidies for new biomass power plants and for types of waste incinerators classified as ‘advanced conversion technologies’. We believe that renewable energy subsidies should all go to genuinely low-carbon renewables such as wind and solar power – not to cutting down and burning trees in power plants or to waste incinerators.

Unfortunately, the Government is not consulting about stopping new subsidies for biomass and waste incineration altogether. However, it is consulting on proposals which would at least stop support for new inefficient biomass power plants and which might make it more difficult for new import-reliant biomass plants to attract subsidies. We also hope that the Government will agree to set high efficiency requirements for all such technologies, including those defined as “advanced conversion”.

No doubt, industry will be lobbying strongly against those proposals, so it is vital that people concerned about forest-destroying biomass plants and waste incinerators make their voice heard.

Below is a pre-drafted consultation response which you can send off by filling in your name and address. Emails will be sent directly too .

If you can personalise your response, it may have a greater impact. You can find the consultation paper by clicking here. The deadline is 9th March. Many thanks.
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